Thursday, February 7, 2008


Quote of the Day"It was a big sigh of relief when he endorsed you.”-- Sen. Hillary Clinton, quoted by the Wall Street Journal, to Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Ted Kennedy on the Senate floor yesterday. They were joking about how Obama ended up losing Kennedy's home state.

February No substantial polls available
9th - Louisiana P 67D Red State - adv Obama
9th - Nebraska C 31D Red State may be in play
9th - Washington State C 97D Blue State

10th - Maine C 34D Blue State - adv Obama
12th - Maryland P 10D Blue State - adv Obama
12th - Virginia P 101D Red State may be in play - adv Obama
19th - Wisconsin P 92D Blue State
19th - Hawaii C 29D Blue State

States where I list advantage-Obama is because there are some newer polls showing Obama with a huge lead in those states. The rest of the states, no info at all. Caucus states he has a huge advantage in, since there is only a 2 hr time frame that people can vote (instead of the all day system that primary's embrace). Adults tend to work for a living and can't just go at specific 2 hour time frames to vote, where Obamanites, tend to be very young uncommitted new voters, ready at a moments notice to help Obama swarm this nomination.

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