Sunday, February 24, 2008

Larry Sinclair we still wonder if you're lying - we need some proof seriously

Larry Sinclair placed a video on youtube a long time ago:

The results of Larry Sinclair's Polygraph test are finished and the first expert has examined them and said there are deceptions in some of his answers regarding knowledge, and his presence with Barack Obama during sex and drug use. will have another expert look at the report to give their assessment also. It was totally cool of this website to put up the money to settle this issue once and for all. Larry Sinclair still insists he's telling the truth, hell once I took a polygraph test and it said I was lying and I wasn't! It was years ago but I always have to consider that whenever I see these kind of tests come up and used to find out if someone is lying or not. I always figured the tests would turn out "inconclusive" in the first place, so....

Since then he's popped up here and there.. I hear he shows up at rallies to pass out memos of some sort.

Hey Larry we don't want Obama but we need substantial proof dude!

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