Sunday, February 24, 2008

Billie Jean King's 2 cents

Someone posted a comment about Cokie Roberts conversation with Billy Jean King. Those of us old enough to understand, can totally relate. Those too young to understand, are sadly taking this country into a dangerous place with their ignorance and support of the unknown, unvetted Obama.
Today on This Week Cokie Roberts said:
"I had the opportunity to interview Billie Jean King this week, and she said, you know, "I feel like everything I've worked for all of my life is going out the window." And there is that sense. I mean, here is this woman who's worked hard, she's done it all the way you're supposed to do it, and then this cute young man comes in and says a bunch of sweet, you know, nothings, and pushes you out of the way. And a lot of women are looking at that and saying, "There goes my life."
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