Thursday, February 7, 2008

New figures released on Clinton campaign drive

The neck-and-neck race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama took another intriguing turn Thursday as the Clinton campaign announced that it had raised $7.5 million in online contributions since Feb. 1, matching her rival. The vast majority of the money — $6 million — came in after Super Tuesday and after news broke that Clinton had lent her campaign $5 million last month and that Obama was on pace to raise at least $30 million this month. “They know that Hillary has given it all that she has, and now they are saying, ‘I want to be with you,’” campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe said in a conference call with reporters and Clinton fundraisers. McAuliffe also sought to ease donors’ concerns about how dire the situation is inside the campaign, noting that reports that some staff members were forgoing their salaries were not true. “All staff, 100 percent paid, not an issue,” he said. Politico

You can listen to Terry make the announcement Here. It opened up in Itunes for me.

Also: Civil Right's leaders, including Obama supporter, insist Dean count the Fla, Mich Delegates Pdf, and not risk disenfranchising so many voters in critical states.
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