Thursday, February 7, 2008

Two military power houses are heading for a showdown

"The Pentagon requested that Sen. Clinton be on that panel." This is a statement made by Hillary's campaign mgr, Terry McAuliffe, moments ago in a conversation with Chris Matthews.

Senator Clinton sits on the Arms Committee and has the respect of many high ranking military officials. She is the much stronger candidate to go up against McCrazy McCain in the general election. With Mittens dropping out it all but makes it official that the Republicans have rapped up their candidate. This is a huge strength for Hillary's campaign to move forward on.

While Obama is the new Svengali with no substance for this young generation that are flocking around him, it provides us with a reminder to get back to reality.

Hillary Clinton is the only choice for president. We are talking about the most powerful job in the world where Nations and billions of people around the world rely on the stability of a strong intelligent government of the United States to lead the world. This is no game.

It's time to get back to reality here. This is no game, and the Pentagon has requested Mrs. Clinton's experience, knowledge, and good judgment to work with them on the future security of this nation.

Note: Today Jack Cafferty on CNN called out John McCain for missing "more than half" of his Senate votes this past year. I had no clue about this and it sure as hell isn't going to do his campaign any good when this makes its way around the blogsphere.

New: Obama steals a famous line for his stump speech!. How many other lines in his campaign have been stolen that went unnoticed? You know, those lines that are enthralling his sheep all over the country exclaiming how inspiring he is?

Obama's a fake? well who woulda guessed?
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