Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Mexico (finally) names Hillary Clinton as the winner of their caucus

Well after their representative got as much air time as he could possibly drag out in making this announcement, it was finally verified what we new day ago (those of us who have been following this race anyway). Barack Obama got 71,396 votes and Senator Clinton received 73,105 votes. The delegates anointed should be pretty even but at least this is a win Hillary can put in her column.

Ohio and Texas are still holding double digit leads for Senator Clinton too, so as much as the media would love to crown their beloved Svengali Obama next king of the world, we are still holding out for justice, which could only lead to a Hillary Clinton nomination.

Update on Clinton and MSNBC: More news regarding the Clinton campaigns quite justified complaints to MSNBC regarding their endless bias reporting on Clinton her campaign, her family, and everything Clinton, led by none other than Chris Matthews, but highly visible from early morning until even programs end on that network.

How has Chris been handling it lately? Well being the coward he is, he now brings on Republican pundits and Obama backers to open his show with and gives them daily almost 20 mins of airtime to just say anything they want. Smearing Clinton with the most vile lies you can think of all the way to promoting their undying love for their Svengali Obama.

Example: He opened his show today with a black male Republican, Ken Blackwell, a white male Republican, Michael Smerconish, and a black female Democratic supporter of Obama, Sybil Wilkes. THAT is how he runs his show.... Chris just sits there quietly and lets them go on and on trashing Hillary for him, and praising Obama.

Chris Matthews is a coward.
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