Thursday, February 14, 2008

Obama's calculated bought and paid for Super Delegates

I've read more than once at different times how this presidential campaign of Obama's is not as sudden and last minute as it appeared to the public. I'd read that his plan to run for president in '08 had been setup in such a way that the public wouldn't notice what was going on. How far back was this setup to run over the American people? 2004 at the convention? Before that date? There is no question that there's more details out there that we should know about but sadly the media just won't do their job investigating this guy.

Quote from this article at TPM. One of very few articles on this liberal site, that finally doesn't treat Obama like he's some kind of God, as all the other liberal sites do lately.

"The Center for Responsive Politics has a new study out which finds that the two have donated a total of more than $890,000 to those super-delegates who are elected officials in the past three years. Who's donated more? Obama has, by far."

Please read this short article in full.
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