Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The simplification of the American thought process

The MSNBC debate tonight had more details than the many pathetic past debates, but as usual the hardcore unfair bias and hate Tim Russert has for Hillary Clinton, showed through true to form. Then again he is a part of the NBC/MSNBC family which lynches Hillary daily whether it be with their misogynist attitudes or their political (right wing bias) or their love affair with Obama, or their hate affair with anything Clinton related. Tune into the swine that is MSNBC for the last many months and one thing comes through clear as day.. Obama can do no wrong and Hillary can do no right.

It is a travesty to see the state of our media. Young people who support Obama have no clue what real news media is. They sadly didn't grow up with Walter Cronkite's eloquence and probably were too young to totally grasp Tom Brokaw's skills that bury the agenda we are stuck with today.

It is a sad state of affairs for this country that Hillary releasing her tax forms is emphasized, repeatedly as important, yet the topic of Obama's dangerous, arrogant and incompetent failures on the Senate Foreign Relations Committed is brushed over as insignificant and not worthy of mention. This was amazing to me. Hillary did bring it up but the mediators just brushed over it.

This zombie like love affair with Barack Obama is leading our country down a dangerous path. It has nothing to do with how well he'd do as a president, it's the state of American mentality that they don't have the depth(?), the knowledge(?), the understanding to realize what a serious decision they have to make here. The idea that we would vote into office someone because they have great oration skills (of copying other people's words) and charisma that makes women cry, makes us look foolish as a nation. The simplification of American life and American thought. Let's not be too deep.. let's not think too deep. We live in a fast food society, physically and apparently mentally. Let's vote for "change" and "hope"! That's specific enough for many apparently.

By the way, Hillary did much better in this debate than she did last week with CNN. There is no question she won tonight's debate. Those who say she didn't, are wearing their Obama blinders again.
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