Saturday, February 2, 2008

Super Bowl then Super Tuesday

NPR- Is America ready for a black president in 2008? Listen to the discussion

The race for Super Tuesday, February 5th just couldn't be any tighter. It is the first time in 24 years (some say 36 ), that California will have a say in the choice of a presidential candidate. One in five Democratic voters are Latinos and they are being wooed by both campaigns. Hillary seems to have a strong hold in this area and let's hope it holds.

New York is also playing a role for the first time since 1984. Clinton has a strong lead there because she holds home field advantage, and in the adjoining states of New Jersey and Connecticut she looks strong, especially in New Jersey.

These states will now have a large say, but, ironically some other states which hung back – Ohio and Texas which vote March 4th, or even Pennsylvania on April 2nd, may deliver the final choice for the Democratic candidate.
This is AP's release, "20 minutes ago" of an ABC/WaPo Poll. You can click to enlarge. Then when enlarged, click it again!

Gallup has Hillary Clinton with a 7pt lead in their Daily National Tracking Polls

Don't forget to Click Here for state by state tracking of those that are available.

Oh, and GO GIANTS !
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