Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The trash that "IS" the Barack Obama campaign and our tv media

Hillary Rosen is reporting on MSNBC with David Gregory that she's hearing word that the Obama camp is actually threatening some Super Delegates. They are trying to (also) play down the importance of Super Delegates along with implying (in their opinions, suddenly) that Super Delegates shouldn't have the right to (possibly) sway the outcome of this election. This is the dirtiest most dangerous (and whining) campaign we've seen in a long time. The scumbag approach that is the Obama camp is whining their way into this nomination and they've been using this tactic for a long time.

The minute Hillary chose to loan her campaign $5 million dollars which is completely a legit move (and it's already been paid back), Obama is screaming that he demands to see her tax returns... what the fuck? Is this what you call bringing the party together to win in '08? How can people be so freaking blind to the dirty tactics of the Obama camp, how?

Obama continues to whine that Super Delegates should only vote who won their state. 1st of all, who the hell is he to suddenly come into this game, pretty much a newbie, and decide what should or shouldn't be as to how the party's done it for so very long? Who is he to say change the rules in the middle of the game so they favor him? ....and that is EXACTLY what he and his camp are doing.

Let's talk about Florida (again). It was long before Hillary had a lead there that it was clearly stated in article after article of those state's officials in the Democratic party that they were quite sure, quite confident that their delegates would in the end be seated. Now that he got slaughtered by Hillary in those 2 states he's whining that they have no right to be counted.. wtf? So the Dem party should give up the chance of winning Michigan and Florida to soothe the ire of Barack Obama? As it was stated months ago, Florida and Michigan have every right to expect to be seated, as the votes came down during their primary's.. NOT a re vote, NOT a redo with a caucus (so Obama has a better chance to win), and NOT ignoring their rights to be heard by the Democratic party.

The media was crowning Obama the victor after the very first state, Iowa, voted! When are people going to wake up and see what's going on here? This is a setup of magnitude proportions . The media has done everything in their power to steal this nomination away from Senator Clinton, from the day these campaigns started, and try to hand it to Obama. Need more proof? Look how they ignored such experienced viable candidates as Biden, Dodd and Richardson. The media treated them as if they were non existant.

The reverse racism that is rampant in this campaign is also vulgar to watch un checked. Obama through the race card out there almost from the beginning and no, Bill Clinton did not play the race card. Obama chose to preach to his sheep about MLK repeatedly. Now who campaigns using a reference to MLK, especially a (half) black man without the obvious intent of playing the race card. WTF up people. You laughed at the sheep that fell in line behind Bush and wondered why they couldn't see the obvious.. now we are looking at Obama sheep. They flock to a crafty, slick, unqualified, no substance preacher who 's playing one hell of a dirty political campaign.

I would remind the Democratic party of this. "Momentum" is a word. It's been chosen by the media to crown Obama as the king of campaigns (even when Hillary won large important states on Super Tuesday). "Change" is a word...nothing but a god damned word. Rhetoric should NOT out weigh facts and qualifications. Super Delegates have the right to vote for whomever the hell they want to vote for no matter what the whining Obama thinks about it. Lastly, Florida and Michigan voted, they've spoken, and they have a right to be heard.

If the Democratic party under the leadership of such a coward as Howard Dean allows this nomination to be stolen from Hillary Clinton, and this would be a stolen nomination, then the Democratic party will quite possibly suffer long term repercussions. I for one will not stand down and let them pull this crap. We have little control over what the garbage on tv (that called themselves news media) does, but we do have a say in the Democratic party. If the party doesn't want to respect our votes, we'll take them elsewhere...
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