Saturday, May 31, 2008

Harold Ickes is the hero of the day after the DNC's RBC steals delegates from Hill to give to Barry

Democrats are counting on the compromise -- which came after hours of private deliberations among panel members -- to help the party rally around a single candidate and avoid alienating voters in the two crucial states.

That unity may prove elusive. While Clinton's backers say they were satisfied with the Florida accord, they raised the prospect of a floor fight at the convention over the way the Michigan dispute was resolved, saying Obama was awarded too many delegates.

`Strongly' Objects

Harold Ickes, a Clinton adviser, said he ``strongly'' objects to the Michigan plan, saying it would cost her four delegates. He said Clinton reserved the right to appeal the decision to another committee, a warning that was met with both cheers and catcalls from the hundreds of activists at the meeting.

``Hijacking four delegates, notwithstanding the flawed aspect of this, is not a good way to start down the path of party unity,'' Ickes told the panel in Washington.

The party's rules and bylaws committee voted 27-0 to seat Florida's delegation and give Clinton 52.5 delegates; Obama would get 33.5. The panel voted 19-8 to similarly seat the Michigan delegation, giving Clinton 34.5 delegate votes and Obama 29.5. Superdelegates -- the lawmakers and party officials who get an automatic vote at the convention and who are likely to decide the nomination -- will also get only half-votes.


By the way, Obama quit his controversial church today after the Pfleger story broke.. does he really think that solves the problems?
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