Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Clinton wins South Dakota voters as the corrupt media hands the nomination to Obama

The popular vote:

Hillary Clinton 17,785,009
Barack Obama 17,479,990

We can congratulate Hillary on winning in a state that Obama was supposed to win in a landslide. Instead Hillary won South Dakota by a healthy 10 pts.

We can congratulate the media on being the most corrupt, unethical, unprofessional, misogynist, sexist, mass network of fake journalists using the airwaves to help steal the Democratic nomination from a qualified candidate who has spent her life working for the people.

They chose out of hate for the Clinton name, and for fear of a woman in power, a man with no qualifications, a failed and often corrupt background. A man who knows how to give a speech and memorized the word "change", and oh yeh, because he's black, he got a free ride from the media from the day he announced his nomination.

If you don't like him, support him or vote for him, you're a racist.. remember that.

It's a sad day for our country that yet again a man is chosen, in a messiah like fashion, as Bush was, because of his charisma and not because of his credentials, because of the corrupt and dangerous power brokers in his shadows who were able to yet again, pull one over on the people.

We are reliving 2000 all over again.

We appreciate Hillary's tireless devotion to her Democratic Party, but Donna Brazile reminded us just last week that it's not about Hillary, or Obama, or either of their supporters, but about the "Democratic Party". Those were Donna's words. It's not about us, the voters, the citizens of this country, it's about making sure an organization, an entity, succeeds in power.

I'm glad I've remained an independent liberal because I've always voted for the best candidate and not for a party. I've voted both sides of the aisle (and proudly never for a Bush). And I'm proud to say I will never vote for Barack Obama. I'm sorry Hillary, but even if he now sucks up to you for the VP slot simply to win over your supporters, it's not going to work with me, and hopefully it will not work with the masses who truly love what our American flag stands for.

Unlike his wife Michelle Obama, who obviously has disdain for white people and no respect for this country, we have cried for this land of ours, we have had our eyes welled up when our National Anthem was played and when we see the red, white, and blue waving in the wind. We feel confident Michelle and Barack Obama have never a day in their lives cried for this country or choked up over our, (and their) National Anthem. These are not the kind of people to have pride in anything other than their own personal agenda, they've made this clear repeatedly. How? with actions, they do speak louder than words, and anyone who has looked at the resume of these 2 people would have to be blind to not see it.

We are sorry Hillary and Bill for the way you've been trashed and spit on by our national media.

We are sorry, but we will have to support John McCain in November if Barack Obama is handed this candidacy simply because he's a black man.

This nomination is being stolen from Hillary simply because she's a woman and because her last name happens to be Clinton.

The media wrote her off after the very first primary was held. Tonight as they hand the nomination coronation to their messiah, Hillary has just given her inspiring speech and said she has not made any decision yet. Good.

I believe Hillary is holding out, waiting for the corrupt media to grow some balz, get a conscious and do their jobs and out the Obama's for the dirt they hide in their closets. If the Obama's were outed for all there is to know about them, there is no way Obama would have a chance at the presidency, it's that simple.

There is no candidate, male or female, Democrat or Republican who ever would have gotten this far into a candidacy with the lack of resume Obama has, with the corruption in his past that Obama has, with the skeletons Obama has, with the connections and business dealings Obama has.. there is no candidate that would ever have gotten this far with the same credentials Obama has shown. This is reverse racism at its boldest.

It's a sad day for our nation if yet another unqualified MAN is handed the position of messiah in chief without his real credentials being taken into serious consideration.
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