Thursday, June 5, 2008

Daily Kos’s Markos Moulitsas and CNN's Jack Cafferty keep promoting misogyny as acceptable in this country

Along with their media cohorts, they keep showing their enormous irrational hate for Senator Hillary Clinton on a daily basis. Keep doing it. It only makes our convictions stronger that Obama and what he represents is not good for this country.

I never listen to Cafferty and his daily venomous rants but today I was just waking as I heard him give his hateful daily monologue on the evils of Hillary Clinton. He quoted "his friend at the NYT" about how arrogant she is and it's all about her. The venom filled diatribe is in full throttle at Kos as this article notes and I'm sure over at HuffPo it's just as bad, (and MyDD, etc) though I prefer not to click their blogs anymore to see what hate they're spewing. I'm quite sure they are riding high on the Obamabot magic carpet to la la land.

Keep up the hateful rhetoric by all means because it keeps the fire lit inside us. It reminds us why we won't vote for Barack Obama, and why we'll do everything in our power to expose the real person he is, his character, his qualifications (or lack thereof) , and his failures. We'll keep on top of that for ya since it seems to be off limits with you big time media persons.

Oh, and I forgot to give special thanks to Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and all the obamabots at MSNBC who have helped to rally us for what is right and what is wrong (with them).
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