Thursday, June 12, 2008

Keith Ogermann still hates women and still remains an asshole

Oh this is too fun.

He rips Katie Couric a new one and names her "worst person in the world", but the laughter comes when he insists that he watched the media coverage of Obama (by NBC's Lee Cowan) and it was all "objective" Keith insists. This is funny! It is his opinion that another journalist at NBC covered Obama with objectivity. Keith O's misogynistic rant and insistence that "sexism" didn't play a part in the media coverage of this race just leaves me speechless .... well, not really.

Ogermann wouldn't know "objectivity" if it bit him in the ass.

More at: Jossip, from Howard Rosenberg and even this piece from Obamabot-HuffPo: here

The respected Tom Brokaw once stated that, "The press drumbeat for Clinton's exit from the race, of which Olbermann was a major part, was "inappropriate," and it was "commentary disguised as reporting."

Keith smeared Katie over this:

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