Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Muslim Barack Obama fans told to hide from television cameras

Obama's campaign was forced to apologize to 2 Muslim women barred from sitting behind him at a public event.

I guess they didn't want to help promote the fact that Obama is a Moslem because he was born of a Moslem father, and one does not get the opportunity to reject that inheritance for political convenience in an attempt to overrun a country with his questionable agenda, as he's doing here.

"About one in eight Americans falsely believes Mr Obama is Muslim" SORRY - but the fact is if you do the research, you'll find he is a Moslem. The media can deny it all they want, afterall they've done nothing to hold Bush and Cheney accountable for their war crimes... they aren't exactly known for doing their homework.

"The two women in headscarves were asked not to sit in view of cameras at a rally in Detroit on Monday, where Al Gore endorsed Mr Obama.

Hebba Aref, a 25-year-old lawyer, told Politico magazine: "I was coming to support him, and I felt like I was discriminated against.

"The message that I thought was delivered to us was that they do not want him associated with Muslims or Muslim supporters.""
Well duh. You were discriminated against and you will continue to be discriminated against. As for Obambi's team making you move, it's no different than him making sure he's always surrounded by whites.

"Miss Aref's friend Ali Koussan, a law student, said that a volunteer "explained to me that because of the political climate and what's going on in the world ... it's not good for her to be seen on TV or associated with Obama."

A second woman was told to take off her headscarf if she wanted to sit in the special seats."

"Campaign spokesman Bill Burton said: "This is of course not the policy of the campaign. It is offensive and counter to Obama's commitment to bring Americans together and simply not the kind of campaign we run." DOES HE MEAN LIKE WHEN CLINTON SUPPORTERS WERE BARRED OR HARRASSED FROM VOTING IN CAUCUSES AROUND THE COUNTRY? DOES HE MEAN LIKE WHAT HAPPENED THIS PAST WEEKEND AT THE CALIF STATE DEM CONVENTION WHERE CLINTON DELEGATES WERE HARRASSED AND TOLD THEY WEREN'T WELCOMED THERE?

"While he grew up and was schooled in Indonesia, a Muslim nation, Mr Obama's campaign has repeatedly denied that he was ever a Muslim" Well once again I say they are liars, but then they've pulled endless bullshit during this long campaign season to get what they want, to push their agenda forward.

Lest we not forget the white-hate church Obama and his white hating wife attended for 20 years... 20 YEARS until they resigned from the church recently due to political flack with their connection with such a controversial group. But quitting the church does hide what the Obama's are really all about, not from Americans who are paying attention and haven't fallen into some zombie-bambi like state.
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