Tuesday, June 3, 2008

News of another bombshell ! Something to break tomorrow on Obama

Well here we go again!

Details rather than headlines, I think, would be preferred by readers and voters but.....

WSJ, Fox, Laura Ingraham Show, all have reports of a bombshell that's to be dropped tomorrow on Obama. One says it's related to Michelle and the wife of Louis Farrakhan.
"The Friends turned white and asked what it might be…was it worse than a college thesis? Bob said—Oh yes, in a BIG way. He said that the Repubs were behind it and it was dumb because it meant that Mrs. Clinton would be the nominee."
I have no clue what that means!

As for the "college thesis", I assume that's in regards to what I've mentioned before, that Michelle's senior thesis at Princeton U was on her interpretation of the white/black issue (how UNoriginal eh?). Well, Princeton has taken her thesis out of the library records until after the Nov election so reporters can't access it!
Here's a link

This guy below that looks like Dick Morris (eww), he's lying when he says he's "undecided" - his bias has always been very pro Obama.

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