Tuesday, June 3, 2008


The headline implies a Clinton official actually said that Clinton herself, couldn't "admit" defeat. What official said that?

This is the headline on cnn.com homepage.

The unprofessional, unethical media is doing everything in their power to push Clinton out of the race and have been since Iowa. In this "breaking news" front page article on CNN's homepage. They use the word "admit" as if that is a term that came straight from Terry McAuliffe's mouth.

But when you click the link to read the actual article, no where does Terry use such a term to describe the controversy over the AP false claim this morning that Hillary was conceding.

Terry McAuliffe said the AP report was "100 percent incorrect" and
Obama "doesn't have the numbers today, and until someone has the numbers the race goes on".

This biased terminology of unethical and unprofessional reporting at CNN is endless and it's important for viewers to constantly remind CNN of their biased, unfair and unethical reporting on air and on the web.

Biased opinions are NOT the same as 'news reporting'

Contact CNN.com here and tell them to gain some professionalism in their reporting.

Contact CNN TV programming here and tell them their endless biased reporting, twisted facts, half truths and outright lies and misinformation is unacceptable.

To further prove their unprofessional work, look at the very first line of the article:
"Sen. Hillary Clinton's is "absolutely not" prepared "

Clinton's is? proofread idiots

The whole article is so biased it's laughable as you read it. Further down there's a paragraph where they refer to "Obama and Clinton". They link the word "Obama" to his delegate page and they make no such link for Clinton.

lol! I mean wow CNN, wow!
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