Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Update on CNN's cute biased behavior

Well isn't this nifty! They've updated the picture so it would show as much of their usual bias as their headline and reporting is.

Has CNN ever given us headlines on Rezko? Axelrod? Ayers? Exelon? of course not.


Dang the media has a consorted effort to get Hillary out and now (before any bombshell drops on Obama?). Check out the breaking news now on cnn.com below. Notice they intentionally don't specify where the information is coming from!

Also, I saw a post (somewhere) that it was Fox's Murdoch and another bigwig News paper guy (who is very pro Obama) who were behind the AP errored reporting this morning. What the hell is going on? Isn't this something a congressional committee should look in on, and if not them, then who? We have mega billionaires, powerful media leaders who are intentionally behind sending out false political news to sway the nomination. YES I know this is not new! We witnessed the crap with Fox and their Bush drool. But for godsake, they used AP! to send out a false claim this morning. How far do they go, how much do they get away with before someone does something! Where am I?

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