Sunday, June 1, 2008

Obama bomb (bombs - plural?) to be dropped Monday

On Fox, Neil Cavuto, June 2, 4pm (ET?) has an "explosive" bomb to release on Obama.

Larry Johnson at NoQuarter has a bomb to release on Obama at 9am Monday.
His storyline on this seemed to start back here, or back here, or even back here where I started paying attention to it.
Are they the same bomb or different bombs?

Is it (finally) the tape release of Michelle Obama bitching about "whitey"?

Is their more than one explosive tape with her rants on it?

Will American obamabots wake up in time before it's too late?

Will the media grow some balls and gain some ETHICS before it's too late?

stay tuned......

Also, this (typically) biased article from Politico (that favors Obama's as the do nothing wrong couple) mentions Michelle's senior thesis that was based on the white/black race inequalities (as she seems to see it). According to the article, Princeton has taken her thesis out of their library's records until after the Nov election. Amazing

(this is Fox and Geraldo, who's been a Dem to my knowledge forever)

Georgie we've been saying this for some time actually

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