Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Obama didn't win one big state - But Howard Dean wanted Clinton's gone - he made sure Hill wouldn't get the nomination

Excerpts from The Pasadena Star News
"A long list of other Washington politicos, including Howard Dean, head of the Democratic National Committee, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, wanted the process ended. Like scorned high school principals, they demanded that Hillary Clinton concede. The problem was she kept winning the big states and the swing states that Democrats need to win. And she owned 50 percent of the Democratic vote. But Dean was going to see that Clinton would not be the prom queen. He never liked the Clintons.

Dean saw to it that Florida and Michigan would not come into play. If they did, Clinton would be heading toward the White House. From day one, national polls showed her, not Obama, as the one who would be the belle of the ball."

"That is what conventions were for - to pick candidates for the presidency. Some years ago former CBS anchor Dan Rather predicted the end of party conventions. Today they are opportunities for party insiders and those on the move to make their appearance. Rather is probably right. They should go the way of the dinosaur."

"But Democrats think they have this one in the bag. However, their choice for the prom didn't win one big state, didn't win one swing state and won caucuses and elections in states that will go to the Republicans in November"

"On top of it all, when the liberal wing of the Democratic Party is in charge, it has been disastrous. They've given us George McGovern, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis and John Kerry. Obama is the most liberal of all of them. "
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