Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Obama making an assault on Clinton's debt?

Purely gossip- I admit this. But I found this bit of gossip on a journalist's blog very interesting and feel the need to post it:
And Hillary is still very loyal to her staff. There are a lot of people in DC whose careers were made thanks to the Clintons -- and the loyalty has not worked both ways.

There is a lot of stuff I'm hearing about the Obama squeeze to the Hillary Clinton campaign. For example -- he will not let her raise money on her website to settle her debt. He's forcing the end of the monthly contributions via credit card. Obama wants all the money to go to him now -- so he can hold it over her head.

There's also a move afoot to deny Hillary a roll call vote -- delegates are being pressured to even keep her name from being put in nomination at the convention. Obama's busy replacing the glass ceiling with plexiglass.

Now we knew about the roll call attempts to block Hillary's supporters, delegates from doing what's been done in all past conventions, and that's to hold a first vote. We know Dean and the thugs are trying to block the Clintons, but this information regarding Obama's powerful (dangerous) camp trying to force Clinton to not seek funds to pay her debt on her site.. what the fuck is that!

I for one refuse to help pay her debt. I contributed as long as she was running and I would continue to do so if she were still in the race.. but I'll have no part of this paying off the debt crap..

Something's afoot here that isn't being told. First we hear she's going to campaign or at least be seen with him next week and implore her supporters to send him money and now this interesting tidbit comes along.

I'm gonna love watching this all play out and see if we ever get the full story here. As for her plea for donations for Obama's campaign- no way in hell.
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