Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but sometimes a few words say a lot

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but sometimes a few words say a hell of a lot!
We have an AA blog in one great post, telling us Obama is a ‘calculated and cynical’ S.O.B.:

Gotta admire Brotha Barack for getting all his ducks in a row and stealing prominent Jewish fundraisers like David Geffen and George Soros away from Hillary. He plays political chess masterfully and executes his moves deftly. Anybody who still believes that the brotha wasn’t planning a run for President from the moment he stepped on the national stage in 2004 is a damn fool. This shit didn’t just happen, it was methodically planned like a new Microsoft product launch. His flacking for Israel and his votes on the Senate floor are as calculated and cynical as every word in the Audacity of Hope.

To say Hillary (or Bill) doesn’t care about AA’s is the biggest line of sh*t. Bill’s office is located in Harlem. This AA blogger seems to be speaking code to AAs to expect hands out if Obama is elected:

Obviously Obama would have no choice but to help the black folks out if he becomes president. Otherwise, we’d all bash him. Hillary could care less about us and she doesn’t have to since she’s white.

Look, if you really think Hillary would be better for us than Obama, then support her. That’s your choice. But just remember, we’re never going to get this chance again in our lifetime, having a bro in the whitehouse, using his power to help uplift our community, all while white people swoon over him!
(read: Whites voting for Obama are SUCKERS!)

What does “if you think Hillary would be better for us” mean? Aren’t all people supposed to be equal? Or, is he expecting favoritism based upon race? Reparations maybe?

Obama is a manufactured leader who has allowed himself to be advanced by a cabal of media elites and “DLC centrist” political actors determined to choose an alternative to Hillary Rodham Clinton. Those of us in the progressive black blogosphere have ample reasons to be suspicious of brotha Barack. While it is important to examine what a politician stands for, it is just as important to examine who stands behind them pulling the strings.
At least he admits Obama is a puppet, and there is a puppet master elsewhere pulling Obama’s strings.

Obviously, they haven’t figured out yet that Obama is not as progressive as they thought when they voted for him in the primary.

The AAs better be prepared when they figure out Obama’s REAL agenda.

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