Friday, June 27, 2008

Unlike zombie obamabots, Blogger allows free speech - so I'm back

Obamabots are pathetic unamerican little weasels.. small values, small brains, small insight. You tried to shut me down and you did for a few days, but alas I'm back. You losers are no better than bush sheep, you are exactly alike... blindly following your messiah. Whatever he does is aok with you. He LIES about accepting public financing and hey, you're ok with that! He plays a part in taking away your privacy rights and hey, you're ok with that! Anything this guy does is aok with you cuz hey man, he's your messiah! Whatever this prick does is going to be ok with you just like everything Bush did (does) is ok with his sheep.. because you're all ignorant. Instead of looking at who Obama has (really) been his entire life you take him at face value, whatever he says must be the truth.. forget his half white - half kenya heritage.. play him up as a black so he can be the first (fake) black president... that's all that counts right? Forget the terrorists in his life, the corrupt figures in his life, the church of white hate he belonged to for 20 yrs (along with Rev Wright being called one of his close mentors).. you don't really give a shit do you ? After all, he said "CHANGE!" and "HOPE!".. and being the little brained zombies you are you fall for all the bullshit because you're zombies. Such Hubris this arrogant empty suit presents and you drivel over him.

Today we hear that Barack and the bitch he's married to each donated $2300 to Hillary's campaign debt.. What the fuck is that supposed to do, buy us off? FUCK THEM BOTH... and fuck the obamabots.. No unity, no Obama, and fuck the DNC.
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