Tuesday, July 1, 2008

NY Times writes about the anti - Obama blogs at Blogger that were locked due to mysterious spam reporting

Well how about that... Shut down en mass and we get noticed. Many anti Obama blogs went down around the 25th but I believe mine went down on the 21st, and I was up and running again on the 23rd. Simon at Bloggasm wrote about the issue and then through him, the NY Times took on the issue.

Some blogs claim they've been locked out and still can't post. I don't know about that, mine was down 2 days and I did contact Blogger (using the process to have them review and see it's not spam, and, I responded to the email they sent me) the minute I noticed I was blocked.. I have no clue what the issue is with the other sites.

Although I think the NY Times article partially misses the point, and full context of the issue - it's a start. As for now they seem to not believe it, that we were singled out, and of course Google is trying to cover their tracks saying it was a widespread outage. I don't believe it - and I have reasons as to why, that I won't go into. Show me 20,000 or more blogs that aren't about politics and aren't anti Obama that also went down in that 10 day period, then I'll believe it was a coincidence.
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