Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why won't Obama clear up any questions about his Birth Certificate?

Why won't this story go away and why won't Obama make an effort to help it go away? ...and by "help" I mean resolve the issues and be open and honest with physical evidence to prove his citizenship (among other things), and NOT by using strong arm tactics with the help of his thugs in the media (MSNBC), and on the internet (Kos)?
"A presidential candidate should not be mysterious. Barack Obama has consistently been secretive about all aspects of his life. We are a society that demands transparency from public officials, especially at high levels. It’s unacceptable for a serious presidential contender to resist requests for information about his family, college records, state senate business, birth circumstances, drug use, and any other component of his life that is relevant to the public’s determination of his fitness to be POTUS."
This article asking a list of questions regarding Obama's secretive credentials deserves attention and some answers.

Why won't Barack Obama come clean?
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