Monday, July 7, 2008

Obama's Economic Advisor - Wall Street insider - Exec of Hamilton Project

More you don't know or understand about the real Obama-

The hiring of Jason Furman as economic policy director for the Obama campaign has caused a stir. Furman was executive director of the Hamilton Project, a project created by Citibank chair and former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, largely to explore how to sustain support for corporate trade policies. Furman himself is criticized for his work suggesting that Wal-Mart offers a business model worth emulating.

The criticism of the appointment reflects submerged concerns about Obama’s own posture on globalization. His appointment was a signal by the Obama campaign designed to reassure Wall Street and the business community.

"We need a fundamental change of strategy in the global economy if we are to sustain the middle class. The impact of the Hamilton Project was to see if growing public alarm could be placated with more investment in education and training, perhaps some greater help for workers losing decent jobs — even while putting priority on trade deals that protect the rights of bankers but not those of workers, and on balancing the budget over making the investments we need. That isn’t close to the new deal that is imperative."

The controversy isn’t just about Jason Furman it’s about Barack Obama. Does he understand the scope of the change that will be needed, or is he more concerned about reassuring Wall Street that the price won’t be too high? Wall Streets got Obama where they want him.
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