Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why won't any of the media touch the real Obama details?

It doesn't matter if we are talking about his resume, drug use, voting record, avoidance of voting on critical issues, or voting "present" so many times instead of taking a stand voting up or down, even though it could hurt his political future.... Why won't the media analyze this arrogant man as to why he wrote so many books about himself at such a young age? Does this not speak volumes about this guy? How many people do that when they are still at the beginning of their adult years?

Where is the media coverage on Obama? Ok so we can't believe every video pronouncement like this on face value, fair enough.. but if this isn't true, why would this man show his face to make this video? Why hasn't Obama filed a complaint to remove it or sued the guy for defamation?

Obama Unmasked
Andrew Stephen
Published 10 January 2008

What's going wrong for the man who would be president? Our US editor Andrew Stephen reports from Washington. Plus Joe Treasure among California's Clinton lovers

We at the New Statesman must take some of the blame, I suppose. Barack Obama had been a senator for just ten months in 2005 when we devoted a cover to his face, anointing him as one of ten people likely to have an impact on the world. It was only during 2007, however, that the American media fell head-over-heels in love with Obama; when he trounced Hillary Clinton in the Democratic party caucuses in Iowa on 3 January, it seemed that the electorate was swooning in a headlong rush to the altar with Obama, too. By the end of the first week of the '08 presidential election year, the media had all but handed over the keys to the White House to him.
So it all came as a shock to the pundits and pollsters on the night of 8 January when, despite predictions of an overwhelming Obama triumph, it became clear that the voters of New Hampshire had given Hillary Clinton the victory over Obama she badly needed. The reason for the media's distortions, I believe, is that Obama's relationship with the press and the electorate is still at the stage of starry-eyed infatuation. Yes, he is a mesmerising political orator who offers a magic elixir that somehow contains both stimulants and sedatives: that we need not worry about the present or future, because we can look forward to a new dawn of hope and reassurance in the safe hands of President Obama. Exactly how and why this would happen is not clear, but it is heady and exciting stuff.
I suspect that the longer the relationship continues, however, the more Obama's many faults and shortcomings as a presidential candidate will emerge. In his speech admitting defeat in New Hampshire on Tuesday, for example, a hint of his bad-tempered haughtiness emerged. He is not the fresh-faced young idealist the media like to portray, but a hard-headed 46-year-old lawyer whose monumental drive and political calculations make the Clinton's seem like a pair of amateurs. The media and electorate may have fallen in love with him spontaneously, but Obama has been carefully plotting his strategy to seduce them for decades

Full article a must read here A little "blow"

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